HFN Active VT with single channel endpin jack preamp and volume & tone thumbwheel controls



     The HFN Active VT pairs our HFN sensor with a single channel endpin jack preamp complete with volume and tone thumbwheel controls.

     The pickup will give you a full, rich sound and will reproduce exactly what your guitar sounds like; there is no coloration built into the preamp.  Along with being simple to install, these pickups exhibit excellent feedback rejection and good string to string balance. 

Sound Clips:  Clip 1     Clip 2      Clip 3      Clip 4     


     The HFN series of pickups utilizes an elegant combination of materials: 3D printed ABS for its main structure and arching along with a light weight brass shell for its noise shielded piezo unit. Total weight of the pickup is a very light 0.2 ounces (7 grams). It will not affect the acoustic sound of the instrument when not in use.
     The HFN will fit virtually any X braced steel string acoustic guitar whether it has a pin bridge or not. The only hole that needs to be drilled is for the endpin jack.

     The pickup is designed to allow it to flex and move along with the soundboard of the instrument. There is a certain amount of flex built into the arching of the pickup base and as well there is both some flex allowed and some isolation from the soundboard provided by the 3M VHB mounting tape.
     Utilizing a single piezo sensing element that comes into contact with the soundboard of the guitar through the 'feet' of the pickup base allows for several things. First, the HFN is able to sample from more than one spot and to sample those spots across a span of time. Second, since we are able to do all this with just the one element, the chances of creating mechanical phasing issues caused by having to use more than one sensing element is eliminated. 

Installation Instructions HFN Active (pdf)


 This pickup's capability is enhanced by the endpin jack preamp which gives the pickup the ability to be plugged directly into a P.A. or mixer.